Year: 2022

How shadows change in size and intensity.

Shadows could change sixes and intensity any time. Like when you go into the sun and move back your shadow goes a little small and if your 

So  close to the sun your shadow will go a bit to big.


Shadow are know to be shown when you are in a 

Light spot and your shadow will appear even if your in a dark spot you can flash the flash light on and do different kinds of shadows.





It was fun tracing our shadows.


Today after second we went outside to trace our shadows

First we did shadow Ms kumar went to the office to get 

Chalk from Ms marry when she got back we were already

Outside the classroom first we were mucking around until

Ms Kumar came, she said, to get In two a group of three.


Then Ms kumar said to go and find a spot to trace our shadow but before we did it I was laying down on a steep

Down hill then my partners Devinah and Beautiful traced

My body is two different colours. The colours were purple 

And blue.


Next we walked down the steep hill and I told Devinah to

Turn the other way so Beautiful and me could trace her

Shadow. Beautiful and me used different colours like pink

Blue, orange, red, blue and finally purple. The shadow was 

Cricket so we headed to a different spot so we could concentrate. We went to an even sunny spot. Our last spot was shady. It was by the bin.


Finally we finished tracing Devinahs shadow we couldn’t see

The shadow because we traced it with light green so we traced with a darker colour the colour was dark blue 

So after I did I put an arrow saying this is Devinah. So after that I went in my bag and got a skipping rope so we had 

Free time my friends and I were playing a fun game called helicopter.


Conclusion : It was fun tracing and playing with our shadow.



How shadows Are Form!!!

Shadows are formed when a body or an 

Object or material is in the sun. If it is your

Body you cannot see your eyes or your mouth

That well.


The shadows will only be able to catch 

The edge and the middle part. the colour 

Of the shadow will only be black and dark

Some parts will kinda be white as well


If The material is facing the path that sun is coming down then it would become a shadow from behind in thin air


Shadows could also be formed when a object is facing the path where the sun is coming down.







Today we did a sound experiment. First Ms kumar went into the staff

Room to got three glasses. When she came back inside the classroom 

she filled one glass quarter, the other one  half full and the last one three quarters. She drag her red table and put the three glasses on it and told

Us to hit the glasses.


 Then Ms Kumar had grabbed four pink pencils and left it on the table next Ms Kumar called Divine to come and hit the three glasses 

With the pink colour pencil. Ms kumar told Divine to hit the one of 

The glasses three times and the next one 
three times and finally the last one.


Next Ms kumar had called up the whole class to have a turn hitting 

The three glasses three times. After Ms kumar told us to go and find a buddy, my buddys were Devinah,April Ms told us to go to our drive

 and start writing about it I had to share the writing they checked there 

Gmail and saw the shared document. 


Finally, we started to write about it Fatima did the first paragraph and 

Devinah did the second paragraph and then April did the last paragraph

We took turns with it and we finished it.


Conclusion: we felt that the last one was music to our ears.





What I Did At Home.

What I Did At Home.


I Enjoyed Staying Home.


Yesterday I wasn’t here when Room 8 did an egg experiment because I was sick .

But I enjoyed having a rest after sleeping for one hour. My dad took me and my little sister to pick up my mum from work. She bought us chips, ice cream and juice. 


Then my parents took me and my sister to the car shop to get my dad his new licence. But then the one we went to was only allowed two customers at a time so we went to another car shop by the pet shop. When we went into the car shop there was a big cue.


So we signed a form so  the two lady know what we came here for so we waited and then it was our turn to come she ask for my dad New Zealand birth certificate and we gave it next she said come tomorrow morning and she will take a picture of my dad and she will give him a new licence and my dad accepted.


   Finally  we went to go get chicken & chips and my mum byed a few extra stuff she bought tuna apples bananas gum balls corn beef  fish and snacks we went home ate our chicken & chips and when we were finish we went to go and pick up my siblings 

From school.


When we reached school we waited until the bell went and when the bell rang my little sister came running inside the car then two of my older siblings came and went inside the car. After we got home my siblings went to go and get change and come down stairs to eat the leftover chicken & chips then we gave them the gumballs and also we gave them tuna sandwiches then juice after nine minutes we watch some tv

And did some playing outside in our big backyard. We were playing with our pet chicken Scramble he was laying down in his chicken house.