Day: August 2, 2022

Write numbers in words

WALT: Write numbers in words


Example 1:

2 – two

67 – sixty-seven

135 – one hundred and thirty-five.

5743 – five thousand, seven hundred and forty-three.


Example 2:


6 – six.

97 – ninety-seven.

654 – six hundred and fifty-four.

6249 – six thousand, two hundred and forty-nine.


Do the activities below. You can use voice typing if you want.


4 – four.

54 – fifty-four .

764 – seven hundred and sixty-four.

4386 – four thousand , three hundred and eighty-six.


7 – seven.

76 – seventy -six.

826 – eight hundred and twenty-six.

2476 – two thousand,four hundred and seventy-six.


9 – nine.

35 – thirty-five.

858 – eighty hundred and fifty-eight.

9430 -nine thousand,four hundred and thirty.


Extra Activities:


List your own numbers and then write in words.


1.4 -four .

2.67 -sixty seven.

3.673 -six hundred and seventy-three.

4.3692 -three thousand, six hundred and ninety-two.

  1. 12 345. -twelve thousand, three hundred and forty- five. 

6.98 765. – ninety eight thousand, seven hundred and sixty- five.

7.15 234 -fifteen thousand, two hundred and thirty- four.

8.54 693 -fifty four thousand six hundred and ninety- three.

9.76 452 -seventy six thousand four hundred and fifty-two



First Ms Kumar had brang four apples from the staff room. She came back and told us to come on the ground in a circle

Ms Kumar to grabbed four pieces of paper towel  and placed the four apples 

On top of them she left the first one and cut the second one to half and the third one to three pieces and the last one to four pieces which are quarters she told us about fraction.


 Next She told us to stand and take a closer look. She wrote some fraction 

On the white board she wrote one whole halves one third and finally she

Wrote quarters  she asked us a question she what is the name of the fraction 

Some smart people answer they answer the right fraction 


Then we did some fraction on the white board like shading some of the pieces 

We answered and she wrote the name so that we don’t forget the name were 

One whole, halve, one third, three pieces, one third, one fourth, quarters, four pieces  then she told us to name the apples again.


Finally Ms Kumar said to go and write about it on our device so she could sort out Room 4.


Conclusion I was amazed to learn about the fraction I felt amazing.





I will not buy Cadbury chocolate because I will feel guilty about it and also I will think that I am supporting the palm oil company in lots of food. They have lots of palm oil ingredients like kitkat pringles shapes, coke skittles and oreos and all that junk stuff.


And also we are killing the orangutan home because lots of people

Are buying cadbury chocolate the more people buy the cadbury 

Chocolate the orangutan dies and that is not nice.


In a few countries they have banned a video because that country has been doing something not good they have been cutting down trees that has palm oil in it that they have banned the video from 

Watching in there because they wouldn’t have been exposed.


Workers that cut down the trees with palm oil in could be exposed even shampoo brand and also the cadbury chocolate brand has been exposed so it’s better to eat a different kinda chocolate brand 




A Letter To The President Of Russia

21st March, 2022

The President of Russia

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin


Room 8


Glen Innes School


New Zealand.


RE: The War between Ukraine and Russia

DEAR vladimir vladimirovich Putin


Please stop the war because lots of people and children are going to the church and praying to make this war between Russia And Ukraine stop. All womens and children went to the subway and went on the train so they probably went to a safer place for them to survive while the rest of the men stayed back to fight at the subway. Some also survive by the big massive scary shooting and the massive bombs the reason why you started this war it because you wanted there wonderful country Ukraine we beg you to  make all the children and people to

Stay alive and safe all the children and people are praying that this war between Russia and Ukraine stop the president of Ukraine is telling right now that you need to stop this attitude  now the 

Children in Ukraine won’t make it out alive so please stop shooting and

bombs away for life we want a beautiful peaceful life so please stop this attiude throw it away we want Ukraine to stay safe and alive today

Volodmyr Zelenskyy the president of Ukraine is telling you to stop but

You don’t listen to what he said so please listen you need  to stop

Because every single child in a because country called Ukraine is dying and can’t survive because you are destroying there wonderful

Country Ukraine they need food and water to keep them alive . We do not want war world three maybe it might move on to a another country 

So that why you should stop and plus there is more reason example 

What if Ukraine is more stronger than you and they  Defeat  your Country and you have no place you could live and you end up sleeping on the rocks left over from the war between Russia and 

Ukraine so that one and they are many more reasons you should stop.


By Fatima ENJOY!!!!