Retold by : Fatima 


Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Lilyanna. One day Lilyanna’s dad was talking to some farmers. All of the the farmers said something nice about their daughter’s. One of the farmers said, “that his daughter could sing like a beautiful peaceful bird”. Another farmer said that “his daughter could dance like a ballerina”. Then Lilyanna’s dad said my daughter could spun straws into gold. The farmers were shocked and surprised.


Then as the news went on and the king had heard about it. So the king had invited Lilyanna to his royal castle. As Lilyanna arrived at the royal castle the king had asked for Lilyanna to spun his straws into gold. Lilyanna ‘’gasped’’ she asked what will happen if I don’t?. “I will lock you up in my deepest dungeon,” King replied. Lilyanna thought quickly, all of a sudden a voice came at the back of her and she looked behind and a goblin said if you give me something I will help you. She thought quickly and said “all I have got is these cool sunglasses”. He had tried them on and he said okay I will take it. The goblin had spun the straws into gold. The king was very pleased. He had now put Lilyanna into an even bigger room full of straws. The goblin came back and asked “what will give me now”? Lilyanna had only her phone on her, so the goblin accepted the offer. He spun the straws into gold really quick. The king saw and put Lilyanna to an even bigger room full with lots of straws. The goblin came again and asked “what will you give me now. Lilyanna had nothing with her, the goblin asked you to give me a promise. Ok promise me your first born child is mine. Lilyanna wasn’t thinking of getting married and having a child but Lilyanna said yes.


A few years, Lilyanna got married she had also found out that she was going to have a baby. She was so happy when she had her baby. When the goblin had arrived he said “do you remember your promise”. She was confused a bit but then she remembered. She said, “You cannot take my baby,please”. I will do anything for you. He said if you guess my name I will let you keep your baby.  How much time have I got? Lilyanna asked, you only got three days as he left he said see you “tonight”.


Lilyanna tried not to panic. She went on the internet and searched goblin names. It was about 6:00 o’clock when the Goblin arrived. Lilyanna read all the names on her list. He said, nope not even close then the goblin just disappeared. The next night she said more and more names but it wasn’t right. Then she thought of a plan, when the goblin arrived Lilyanna put a GPS in the goblin’s pocket. When the goblin left she went on her device and followed him. She then went to his place and heard the goblin was dancing around the fire. As he was singing and dancing he said his name when the goblin came tonight she read some names he said not even close but then she said “your name is Rumpelstiltskin”. He was shocked and got angry…. stompted his feet so hard and disappeared underground.


Finally Lilyanna lived happily ever after.


THE END!!!! 

I Hope you Enjoy.


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