My friend group story on how we stayed in class and got in trouble

The giraffe in the corner with the spider in the door, the hippo in the roof, the lion in the sink,the elephant in the folders, the tiger in the library  and, finally, the white monkey on the blind puller hanging down.


In lunch time our friend group was working on our project for our inquiry, until the worst thing happened there was a giraffe in the corner Honor stepped up to take the giraffe and calm it down, and then it calmed it down we asked the giraffe to be our friend and he agreed. He then told us that his name is Gerold the Giraffe. 


We were playing with the giraffe until Divine spotted a dangly thing hanging down in the corner of his eye. He went towards it to find out it was a Spider. He was angry that we weren’t playing with him. Divine asked him to be our friend and he was as happy as a rainbow.  He said his name is Sam the Spider.


We were painting with Gerold the Giraffe and Sam the Spider, until Timothy fell on his head and looked up to find a hippo on the roof. He was angry REAL ANGRY, Timothy tried to stay as calm as possible. He asked the hippo to be his friend but he disagreed. He was begging on his knees so he could be our friend but finally he agreed and Timothy was happy. She told us that her name is Haley the hippo. Haley the Hippo was crying because she tripped so Timothy gave Haley some tissue from Ms Naickers Desk. 


We were playing hide and seek, until Fatima found a hiding spot in the library. She was trying her best not to breath hard until she heard a moan beside her. She looked beside her to find a hurt tiger he was crying. Fatima felt bad so she hugged and comforted him. She came out with the tiger and wrapped his injured leg with the bandage from the classroom first aid. She wanted to be friends with him so he agreed and he told Fatima that His name is Tyler the Tiger.


Sapphire was tired from the exhausting session of ki o rahi, so she fell back and hit her head against the classroom folders. She was angry at herself until a HUGE! Elephant came out of the folder, Sapphire was shocked and was happy she was cuddling the elephant. The elephant was Kind so the elephant asked sapphire to be her friend and sapphire agreed. The elephant’s name is Emily the Elephant.


 Beautiful was so hot she was standing at the windows. She was angry because the wind was hitting the blind pullers and it was hitting her face, but little did she know it was a WHITE MONKEY!. She was shocked and trying to run away but the Monkey wanted to play. Until Beautiful finally calmed down she went to the monkey. The monkey climbed to her shoulder and they became friends. The monkey’s name is Mario the Monkey.


Finally they played all together and all became best friends. Until a teacher came and scared all the animals away because the animals didn’t know the teacher. We were angry that the animals left. We were all crying and Fatima and Timothy went to Mrs Naicker’s desk to get some tissues For our friends because they were crying. But don’t worry they’re coming tomorrow.

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