Day: September 13, 2023

Tongan language week

Tongan language week


On Friday the 8th of September we celebrated the week of Tongan language week.


On Friday all the tongan children dressed up in traditional tongan clothes for tongan week. And all the tongan children’s parents brang a traditional tongan dish for Glen Innes School to try.


On the second block all the Tongan children gathered in the  hall to make sure all the Tongan children would practise and know the Hymn and the song we were about to sing in front of the whole school assembly.


When the classes arrived in the second block each kid from each class got to try pani keke, otai, and lu all of them enjoyed it because it was easy to see how delicious it was and the joy in their faces because of the food.


And last but not least on the third block we had a very very special and exciting assembly. Once the class came Miss Tu’akoi introduced the tongan group and taught the audience how to count in tongan. After that we sang the hymn and the tongan group danced on the stage.