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The Abilities of Fatima

Malo e lelei

My name is Fatima Vaka’uta. I am in year 6 and I go to Glen Innes School.

I am a kiwi and full Tongan. I also have 5 siblings and two parents. I  was born in Auckland, New Zealand.

I love reading and writing. I hope to learn more new things in maths to help me improve

My interests are Writing and meditating. I also have lots of hobbies but my favourites are eating, watching tv ,and playing soccer

Fatima Matariki Mountains

Today in cybersmart we created Matariki Moutains. We used the polyline tool to make close shapes for our moutains. The reason why we use the polyline tool so our shapes were closed so that we could give the shape some colour and pop. We also use the dupilcate button and the arrange button. We use the dupilcate button to dupilcate the mountains and we used the arrnge button to arrange the mountains.

Mālō e lelei I am Fatima from Glen Innes School.

Kia ora! My name is Fatima, I go to Glen Innes School. I am in year 5 and my teacher is Miss Cunningham. My favourite subject is writing and I enjoy learning about Mysteries that were never solved.  I am good at Writing.  My goal for this year is to Be better in sports like soccer and netball. In my spare time I like to Climbing trees , soccer ,gymnastics and organising.

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