Trip to Manukau Smyphony Orchectra

Trip to Manukau Symphony Orchestra


On Monday the 9th  of April we had a wonderful trip to Manukau Symphony Orchestra to listen to the beautiful sound of the different instruments being played.


First Ms Naicker gave us time to  eat our lunch which was very delicious and gave us time to go 

To the bathroom and do our business. We went and came back to pack up stuff so when we come we don’t have to pack after a long drive from Manukau and back.


After we packed up we went to line up at our Room 10 door. We were so excited like when bears get food but since I was the leader I had to lock the door. I resisted but she insisted so I took it. After everyone left and was out of the classroom I locked it and left.


Then we  got to the oat tree where we had to wait and Room 10 (aka us) went to line up by room 1 and then the rest came room 9 went first then room 8 then us we were quietly waiting for which bus we got on we got on and then left.


Now we got off the bus and went into the building and got into our corner we then waited patiently for our turn to go into the room we went in and up the stairs to find our spot to where we were seated and the orchestra introduced themselves. They introduced the storyteller and music director.


The first story was about bugs the second story was about the stolen stars of Matariki and the last story was about The singing Nightingale My favourite story was The stolen stars of Matariki because it had the best music to it 


I felt happy and wished I could come back sooner. Shout out to the musicians and storyteller Susan Cato.

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  1. Good job Fatima your work amazing please dont hesitate to share your writing with me,
    sincerely, Primrose

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