Day: September 6, 2022

How shadows Are Form!!!

Shadows are formed when a body or an 

Object or material is in the sun. If it is your

Body you cannot see your eyes or your mouth

That well.


The shadows will only be able to catch 

The edge and the middle part. the colour 

Of the shadow will only be black and dark

Some parts will kinda be white as well


If The material is facing the path that sun is coming down then it would become a shadow from behind in thin air


Shadows could also be formed when a object is facing the path where the sun is coming down.







Today we did a sound experiment. First Ms kumar went into the staff

Room to got three glasses. When she came back inside the classroom 

she filled one glass quarter, the other one  half full and the last one three quarters. She drag her red table and put the three glasses on it and told

Us to hit the glasses.


 Then Ms Kumar had grabbed four pink pencils and left it on the table next Ms Kumar called Divine to come and hit the three glasses 

With the pink colour pencil. Ms kumar told Divine to hit the one of 

The glasses three times and the next one 
three times and finally the last one.


Next Ms kumar had called up the whole class to have a turn hitting 

The three glasses three times. After Ms kumar told us to go and find a buddy, my buddys were Devinah,April Ms told us to go to our drive

 and start writing about it I had to share the writing they checked there 

Gmail and saw the shared document. 


Finally, we started to write about it Fatima did the first paragraph and 

Devinah did the second paragraph and then April did the last paragraph

We took turns with it and we finished it.


Conclusion: we felt that the last one was music to our ears.