My bad day at tu manawa sport

It was the worst!

Today at Tu manawa sport we played ki orahi, Once all the girls and all the boys lined up to get there colour band on there hips but before that we had to put black belts on. First we got spilt into two lines a girls one and a boys one. Once we got spilt in our team i was so happy because it had fdast and fit people but some people in my team was cheating there were picked to come into the yellow but instead went to the red team. Once we got sorted we all realized that the people in the red team hasmore then the yellow so we had to restart. I WAS MAD!

WE restarted and got into equal teams But the thing was when we got into the game we started out normal with playing peacefully and then in the last minutes we had thirteen and the othere team had ten i was so happy when in the last ten seconds we dropped down to ten in points well the other team had thirteen. Our whole team was confused and angry. I dont know if the coach got mucked up in opur teams points or if he is cheating.

The end .

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