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Sailing trip

Okahu Bay

First Ms Lammas came and got us from our classroom and told us to get in the line. We walked and walked until we reached the oak tree to wait for Ms Naicker to do the head count of the children. We then started walking again but stopped in the car park footpath to wait for Mrs pat and for our bus. Mrs Pat finally came and so did the tech bus for the senior students, but no sign of our bus. We waited for 2 minutes which felt like forever until the bus finally arrived. We got on the bus with Ms Naicker’s final head count of the students before we head off.


Then we finally got there. It took us 10 minutes.We got off each saying thank you to the bus driver. The bus drove off and we followed the instructor. He took us to a classroom where we sat our bags against the glass wall. After putting our bags away they introduced themselves. The names were Kim, Jamie, Lola, Sophia, and Jake. Kim introduced us to  life jackets and rashies. She then told us to get in a line from shortest to tallest we got our rashies and aqua fleeces to go change. We got back and put on our life jackets and our helmets. Kim then gave us time to eat lunch.


After Lunch we had to get in our group and got our letter on our hand. We put on sunscreen and followed Jake. Jake told us all about the quest and how to work it. We got in our groups and then went to our spots. My group ( B ) went to the speed boat, Sapphire’s group ( A ) went to the quest and Honor group ( C ) went to the classroom and learnt about ropes. We were on the speed boat going slow at first until we passed the sticks we went flying. He taught us everything about speed limits and the sticks. We then did donuts and went really fast. We came back and slowed down because we were in the sticks. We came to shore and switched to salling. Me, Timothy, and primrose went to lola’s boat and Beautiful, Jasmine, and Terrell went to Sophia’s boat. We were shooting each other with water squirters, and Timothy was steering the boat. Sophia’s boat came and we wet them with our water squirters. Primrose fell in because she leaned too close to the water. Me, Primrose and Timothy were on one side and lola was on the other side. It was uneven. So I told Timothy to steer the boat straight so I could walk to the other side but he turned it and I fell in the water. 


We got back to shore safe and sound. We went to eat lunch. It was spaghetti bolognese. We finished our lunch and went to play on the playground. We then went to the bathroom and had a shower and got changed. We finished and went to learn about different ropes with Jamie. We had to focus. The knots were called the figure 8 and the reef knot. We had to use teamwork on the last task until we had to help the people from sailing. We had our debrief, we talked about things we learned and our favourite coach. But before that we did a feedback paper. 


Finally, I said the thank you message at the end and we walked off to the bus. We waved goodbye 


I liked all the coaches and loved the sailing part

Sailing trip

On Tuesday the 7th of May Room 10 got invited to go to the New navigators  in okahu Bay to learn how sail. The boat are called speed boat and the quest. We also learn different rope knots they are also called figure 8 and reef knot.

Trip to Manukau Smyphony Orchectra

Trip to Manukau Symphony Orchestra


On Monday the 9th  of April we had a wonderful trip to Manukau Symphony Orchestra to listen to the beautiful sound of the different instruments being played.


First Ms Naicker gave us time to  eat our lunch which was very delicious and gave us time to go 

To the bathroom and do our business. We went and came back to pack up stuff so when we come we don’t have to pack after a long drive from Manukau and back.


After we packed up we went to line up at our Room 10 door. We were so excited like when bears get food but since I was the leader I had to lock the door. I resisted but she insisted so I took it. After everyone left and was out of the classroom I locked it and left.


Then we  got to the oat tree where we had to wait and Room 10 (aka us) went to line up by room 1 and then the rest came room 9 went first then room 8 then us we were quietly waiting for which bus we got on we got on and then left.


Now we got off the bus and went into the building and got into our corner we then waited patiently for our turn to go into the room we went in and up the stairs to find our spot to where we were seated and the orchestra introduced themselves. They introduced the storyteller and music director.


The first story was about bugs the second story was about the stolen stars of Matariki and the last story was about The singing Nightingale My favourite story was The stolen stars of Matariki because it had the best music to it 


I felt happy and wished I could come back sooner. Shout out to the musicians and storyteller Susan Cato.