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What I did on the summer break.


It was the most relaxing summer break ever.


On the summer break I did Summer Learning Journey activities it was fun also hard. But I manage to do it. one of the fun activity was the to make a car out of material around your house. I found matchboxes and made my car with it

Next me and my family went to my baby cousin 1st birthday. When we got there we saw our relative and cousins on the bounce house outside the party. Then my older cousin came and said hi. We got out of  the car and got the food out the trunk.

Then we went over to the park but first we bought drinks. We ran down the hill to the park we first went to the zip line and the bounce it. My favourite part was the zip line and the slide.

Finally we had chicken and chips for dinner and for the drink it was mountain dew cans. We later went to sleep for school.

Conclusion : I love The summer Break.

Mālō e lelei I am Fatima from Glen Innes School.

Kia ora! My name is Fatima, I go to Glen Innes School. I am in year 5 and my teacher is Miss Cunningham. My favourite subject is writing and I enjoy learning about Mysteries that were never solved.  I am good at Writing.  My goal for this year is to Be better in sports like soccer and netball. In my spare time I like to Climbing trees , soccer ,gymnastics and organising.

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