Malo lelei my name is Fatima and i am 8 years old of age also my birthday is on july the 4th .I have 10 members in my family first is Ilalio,Maselino, Joshua, Lini, Fatima, Fancisca, Anamalia and last all Alekisio then my mum called Haitelenisia and my dad name Alekisio I live in Glen Innes and the school I go to is called Glen Innes School and my old school is called Glenbrae School my old teachers name is called Miss Forsyth and my new teachers name is called Ms Kumar my favourite subject is writing and PE my favourite colour is blue black and white my favourite food is mac and cheese and butter chicken pie and kebab with chips my favourite candy is slime licker, pushpop, kitkat, and last of all crunchie my favourite shoe brand is nike and puma i am in room 8 and my teachers aide is name is called Ms Lammas and i also have loving caring friends they are Primrose, Divine, Raiden, Liku, and santana my weight is 38 kgs and my height is 141 cm I LOVE MYSELF.

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