Day: August 19, 2022

What I Did At Home.

What I Did At Home.


I Enjoyed Staying Home.


Yesterday I wasn’t here when Room 8 did an egg experiment because I was sick .

But I enjoyed having a rest after sleeping for one hour. My dad took me and my little sister to pick up my mum from work. She bought us chips, ice cream and juice. 


Then my parents took me and my sister to the car shop to get my dad his new licence. But then the one we went to was only allowed two customers at a time so we went to another car shop by the pet shop. When we went into the car shop there was a big cue.


So we signed a form so  the two lady know what we came here for so we waited and then it was our turn to come she ask for my dad New Zealand birth certificate and we gave it next she said come tomorrow morning and she will take a picture of my dad and she will give him a new licence and my dad accepted.


   Finally  we went to go get chicken & chips and my mum byed a few extra stuff she bought tuna apples bananas gum balls corn beef  fish and snacks we went home ate our chicken & chips and when we were finish we went to go and pick up my siblings 

From school.


When we reached school we waited until the bell went and when the bell rang my little sister came running inside the car then two of my older siblings came and went inside the car. After we got home my siblings went to go and get change and come down stairs to eat the leftover chicken & chips then we gave them the gumballs and also we gave them tuna sandwiches then juice after nine minutes we watch some tv

And did some playing outside in our big backyard. We were playing with our pet chicken Scramble he was laying down in his chicken house.





Fatima – What is Sound?

Write down – What is Sound?


Sound is an energy made by vibration. When an object vibrates 

It causes movement around the area. It could travel. Any sound 

With the frequency below  20 HZ is called Infrasound and any sound 

With the frequency above 20,000 HZ is called Ultrasound when something vibrates one of the paths leading to our air molecules bump into the second path of our air molecules.


Fatima – the four sisters.

Once upon a time there was four girls that live by there self they hated each other because they didn’t share with each other they names are Emma,Olivia,Sarah and last of all Emily she was the oldest meanest and she was also classy and sassy she love mucking around with her younger sisters. The next day they were playing hide and seek the person counting was olivia she is the youngest all the other sisters went to hide in the next door neighbour after olivia finished counting to 50 she went to go and seek she didn’t find them in the whole house so she went next door and started to find them she couldn’t find them so she went to the forest and still couldn’t find them so she went deeper and deeper into the forest and she came to a old crusty house and she went inside she was looking around all of a sudden the door behind her SLAMMED shut she was SHOCKED and her jaw drop to the ground she was then she look out the window and she saw the swing moving back and forward

Then her older sisters came in and took her home on the way home everyone was so silent when they reach home Angelina was mad at olivia she yelled at her she said  you know  that the forest we live next to is haunted then she remembered that she also bring her jumper and her bottled that she left there so they all went back into the haunted forest and they reach the old house they went inside and started to look for her jumper and bottle one thing they didn’t know was that they were a invisible boyl behind them and they heard a light voice behind them it sounded like a five year old boy they turned around shocked and said sarah found olivia’s jumper and bottle.

Then as sarah turned around she turn completely blank her jaw drop to the ground she was the only one in the old haunted house she thought that all her sisters ran away from the house so sarah went to look for them she was worried and cold it was evening and she was lost and she wanted to find her way home so she grabbed a long pointy stick that was lying next to a old tree and she also had a flashlight and some batteries but she was lucky she bought lots of thing to when she get lost in the forest.

She had a bag full of three water bottles and food with some clothes and pepper spray with a knife. She put the pepper spray and knife in her pocket and was about to find her way home.she didn’t find her way home so she fell asleep and when she woke up she was in a beautiful room she got and scream WHERE AM I all of a sudden a handsome guy open the door and told sarah what happened then she said why am i here then he said it’s a long story .

So then she said that this means I have to live here and the guy said up to you and she said that i want to find my way home because she misses her sisters but then changed her mind and said she will stay here. After 17 years someone surprisingly show up at the door when sarah open the door  she straight away hug the person standing at the door it was her three sisters they look so old now (sarah) said she called jack and he came running when he arrived he yes my queen she said meet and greet my sisters and oh hello then jack said come in side make self at home and help yourself with the food on the table.

Then he said he wanted to know my sisters better so he ask question and they reply oh i am 38 24 and olivia was 20 so he then ask what is your names and favourite colour Emily said my favourite colour is black white and violet Emma said blue red and yellow and olivia said pink purple and orange they said there names and went sleep the next Emily said do you want to go home and sarah reply of course and they took of  they live happily ever after.