What I Did At Home.

What I Did At Home.


I Enjoyed Staying Home.


Yesterday I wasn’t here when Room 8 did an egg experiment because I was sick .

But I enjoyed having a rest after sleeping for one hour. My dad took me and my little sister to pick up my mum from work. She bought us chips, ice cream and juice. 


Then my parents took me and my sister to the car shop to get my dad his new licence. But then the one we went to was only allowed two customers at a time so we went to another car shop by the pet shop. When we went into the car shop there was a big cue.


So we signed a form so  the two lady know what we came here for so we waited and then it was our turn to come she ask for my dad New Zealand birth certificate and we gave it next she said come tomorrow morning and she will take a picture of my dad and she will give him a new licence and my dad accepted.


   Finally  we went to go get chicken & chips and my mum byed a few extra stuff she bought tuna apples bananas gum balls corn beef  fish and snacks we went home ate our chicken & chips and when we were finish we went to go and pick up my siblings 

From school.


When we reached school we waited until the bell went and when the bell rang my little sister came running inside the car then two of my older siblings came and went inside the car. After we got home my siblings went to go and get change and come down stairs to eat the leftover chicken & chips then we gave them the gumballs and also we gave them tuna sandwiches then juice after nine minutes we watch some tv

And did some playing outside in our big backyard. We were playing with our pet chicken Scramble he was laying down in his chicken house.





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