On the 28th June the Capstone company was looking for a Place to launch a rocket so they found New Zealand . The rocket lab also launched a few before this one. They were working hard. How would the temperature and also the wind they were looking for be so small? They found Mahia Capstone is a big company and they are expecting it to land on the moon on the 13th of November. The height of the capstone Is 555ft (169 m) and the weight was 283 kgs they got the rocket ready by 9:50 pm and they launched it by 9:55 pm  the  capstone rocket cost 30 million dollars.

They had worked on it for 4 to 8 weeks from now Today the capstone cost $10,000 they had the idea from there boss and they also asked  for their permission before they had launch the capstone rocket to the moon on the november the 13th it will and it will look like a microwave because pieces has been falling out  and NASA stands for National Aeronautics and space Administration. 

This is the Capstone company1This is them starting 

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