A Letter To The President Of Russia

21st March, 2022

The President of Russia

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin


Room 8


Glen Innes School


New Zealand.


RE: The War between Ukraine and Russia

DEAR vladimir vladimirovich Putin


Please stop the war because lots of people and children are going to the church and praying to make this war between Russia And Ukraine stop. All womens and children went to the subway and went on the train so they probably went to a safer place for them to survive while the rest of the men stayed back to fight at the subway. Some also survive by the big massive scary shooting and the massive bombs the reason why you started this war it because you wanted there wonderful country Ukraine we beg you to stop.to  make all the children and people to

Stay alive and safe all the children and people are praying that this war between Russia and Ukraine stop the president of Ukraine is telling right now that you need to stop this attitude  now the 

Children in Ukraine won’t make it out alive so please stop shooting and

bombs away for life we want a beautiful peaceful life so please stop this attiude throw it away we want Ukraine to stay safe and alive today

Volodmyr Zelenskyy the president of Ukraine is telling you to stop but

You don’t listen to what he said so please listen you need  to stop

Because every single child in a because country called Ukraine is dying and can’t survive because you are destroying there wonderful

Country Ukraine they need food and water to keep them alive . We do not want war world three maybe it might move on to a another country 

So that why you should stop and plus there is more reason example 

What if Ukraine is more stronger than you and they  Defeat  your Country and you have no place you could live and you end up sleeping on the rocks left over from the war between Russia and 

Ukraine so that one and they are many more reasons you should stop.


By Fatima ENJOY!!!!


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