I will not buy Cadbury chocolate because I will feel guilty about it and also I will think that I am supporting the palm oil company in lots of food. They have lots of palm oil ingredients like kitkat pringles shapes, coke skittles and oreos and all that junk stuff.


And also we are killing the orangutan home because lots of people

Are buying cadbury chocolate the more people buy the cadbury 

Chocolate the orangutan dies and that is not nice.


In a few countries they have banned a video because that country has been doing something not good they have been cutting down trees that has palm oil in it that they have banned the video from 

Watching in there because they wouldn’t have been exposed.


Workers that cut down the trees with palm oil in could be exposed even shampoo brand and also the cadbury chocolate brand has been exposed so it’s better to eat a different kinda chocolate brand 




2 thoughts on “PALM OIL

  1. good job Fatima I love how you actually come out to say these to stop destroying Orangutangs homes well done keep doing your hard work……..

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