First Ms Kumar had brang four apples from the staff room. She came back and told us to come on the ground in a circle

Ms Kumar to grabbed four pieces of paper towel  and placed the four apples 

On top of them she left the first one and cut the second one to half and the third one to three pieces and the last one to four pieces which are quarters she told us about fraction.


 Next She told us to stand and take a closer look. She wrote some fraction 

On the white board she wrote one whole halves one third and finally she

Wrote quarters  she asked us a question she what is the name of the fraction 

Some smart people answer they answer the right fraction 


Then we did some fraction on the white board like shading some of the pieces 

We answered and she wrote the name so that we don’t forget the name were 

One whole, halve, one third, three pieces, one third, one fourth, quarters, four pieces  then she told us to name the apples again.


Finally Ms Kumar said to go and write about it on our device so she could sort out Room 4.


Conclusion I was amazed to learn about the fraction I felt amazing.

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